Why quartz countertop? I hear so much about quartz

Quartz is a naturally occurring substance, and in ground-up form it is combined with resins to form a hard surface much like engineered granite. Most quartz countertops are well over 90% quartz, which gives it the hardness and lack of porosity needed for the heavy demands of cooking. Some manufacturers also combine antibacterial substances

Benefits and Features of Quartz             Countertops                         

The chief benefit of the quartz countertop is its natural luster. Where as pure polymer-based solid surface countertops such as Corian have a hard time achieving a deep, three-dimensional appearance, it's easy for quartz countertops to have this because of their natural appearance. Also, quartz is extremely hard and makes for a good work surface.


          Pental Quartz 

         Samsung Radiant

 Achieve a look to last forever with  Quartz product Its timeless beauty is suitable for every room in your home- from kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities to bar tops and tub surrounds. Quartz Material will compliment your home décor for years to come. Beneath the beauty created from natural stone lies superior strength and durability. Quartz is easy to care for and requires little maintenance. Highly heat, stain, and scratch resistant,   
 Quartz is designed to withstand whatever life throws its way. All  Quartz the are 90-93% natural quartz and 7-10% supreme quality polyester resins and pigments. This non-porous surface is also impervious to water.  

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